Comune di Bianco

Sea resort, takes its name from the white hills, where it produces, from an ancient ...

Comune di Bianco

Indirizzo: Piazza Municipio
Comune: Bianco (RC)
Tel/Cel. :0964 911002

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... Indigenous variety, the famous Greek wine DOC Bianco. To visit the archaeological area of the Roman imperial age, where they were found epigraphic texts, bronze coins of III-IX sec. A.D., sepulchral inscription of Latin era, the remains of the convent of the Crucifix (seventeenth century). In the ancient village of Pardesca there are the ruins of the church of Santa Maria del Soccorso and the sanctuary of Maria SS. Pugliano (1550-1600), built on the ruins of the Monastery of Basilian Pugliano. On the historical home of Domenico Salvadori, where he was born the patriot Giuseppe Domenico Salvadori, one of the five martyrs executed in Gerace by the Bourbons, October 2, 1847.



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