Special places

Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia

The mother church of Benestare stands on the homonymous square (Piazza Matrix). Of uncertain age, over the centuries has seen its structure rich embellishments and artwork, including a marble altar and paintings of sacred subjects of clear Neapolitan scho

Villa Carystus: only example of Baroque art in Calabria

The prestigious residence is located in the municipality of Stignano, in the countryside and surrounded by greenery. According to legend it was built on the remains of a Roman villa.

The Basilian church of Santa Maria di Tridetti of Norman period

In the town of Staines are the remains of a historical Basilian church dating from the eleventh century at the time of the Norman domination. The special feature is the style that indicates the encounter of two cultures (Byzantine and Norman).

The Norman castle of Condojanni

In a village in the municipality of St. Hilary of the Ionian Sea are the remains of an old Norman castle dating back to the eleventh century: one of the few examples of high Calabrian medieval architecture.

Sant'Agata del Bianco: homeplace of Saverio Strati

The small village in the heart of Aspromonte was the birthplace, in 1924, to one of the greatest Calabrian writers. Its the famous "The valley of the orange trees" and "The man at the bottom of the well", both published by Mondadori.

Palizzi Castle

Declared a National Monument by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, it is situated on a rock which dominates a magnificent view with Palizzi Superiore below. We do not have dates are reliable, but already in 1580 resulted, according to some remains, "falli

Bronzes of Riace

The Bronze Statues are two statues of Greek origin or Magna Graecia or Sicilians bronze, dating from the fifth century BC [1] received in excellent condition.


Placanica is a village in the Ionian Reggio.

Baronial mansion or castle

Today, the "castle", recently renovated, is an imposing building of about forty local between rooms and halls that can be used as local museums and conferences.

The Convent of the Dominicans

THE Dominican Convent, founded in the second half of the '400 is one of the oldest in Calabria.

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